2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon

Ducati Diavel shown with available luggage

Rental Information

1 Day Rental:           $215
2 Day Rental:           $390
7 Day Rental:           $1,215
Monthly Rental:       Check Pricing
Miles per Day:          150 free
Additional Mileage:  $1.00 per mile
Refundable Deposit: $750

Available Add-ons

GoPro:                  $25
Tank bag:              $10
Rear seat bag:        $10
Saddlebags:           $15
Passenger helmet:  $10
Leather jacket:       $15
Leather gloves:       $7
Discover Pass:        $5
Unlimited miles:    $25

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The Ducati Diavel is a unique bike. Motorcyclists want to brand it a cruiser, and while it rides like one Ducati insists it's not. In fact, Ducati created a series of ads for the Ducati that included the tag line "don't call me a cruiser" just to inform riders it's not. What is it then? We'll we're not sure, but whatever it is we like it.

The Diavel is perhaps our favorite bike here at Envy Exotics. Each bike of course has a purpose. If you're looking for a classic cruiser that say's your the baddest guy in town the Harley Night Rod should appeal to you. If you want all out speed, there's the Ducati Panigale. An off-road adventure, the RX-3 Cyclone. Why do we like the Ducati Diavel then, well we feel it's the best all around bike and we don't think we're alone.

Wherever the Diavel goes it gets stares. It's been out for a few years now, but admirers still come up to ask what it is. In an industry with mostly male enthusiasts, even the ladies stop to comment on the Ducati Diavel.

Besides good Italian looks the Diavel also inherited power and handling from it's superbike siblings. Twist the throttle and the bike moves, capable of doing a sprint to 60-mph in 2.8-seconds. Stopping from 60-mph occurs in 108-feet. The Diavel is no slouch in the corners either, being able to out handle other cruisers in it's class (well if we consider it a cruiser anyway).

The Diavel is comfortable too thanks to the aftermarket Corbin seat we installed. With the added tank bag, saddlebags, and rear seat bag it can haul quite a bit of luggage. At an average 38.5 mpg (we've seen as high as 50 on the highway, but 45 is more common) it's also efficient.

With all these features it's not a surprise we hold such high esteem for the Ducati Diavel. It's perfect for a trip to the grocery store, as a daily driver to work, or to the canyons for some corner carving and high speed straights.

If you've got some free time, rent the Ducati Diavel. Take it for a spin and get a chance to truly appreciate why this bike has such amazing reviews. Maybe you can even lets us know if it's a cruiser or if it's something else. Perhaps it's in a league of it's own.


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