Q: Can I take the vehicle out-of-state?

A: Yes, our vehicles can be driven out-of-state. Please alert us that you will be driving it out of state.


Q: Can I take the vehicle out of the county?

A: Vehicles may not be taken outside the United States of America without prior approval from Envy Exotics, LLC. Vehicles may not be taken into Mexico.


Q: Do you deliver to SEA-TAC airport?

A: Yes, please provide your flight information and expected arrival time when requesting a vehicle rental. We'll do our best to be waiting for you at the airport with the rental vehicle.


Q: What if I don't know the address of where I want the vehicle delivery to or picked/up from?

A: That's alright. We'll do our best to help you find it.


Q: I'm driving to Seattle and want to rent one of your vehicles. Is there a place I can leave my personal vehicle?

A: Yes, there is street parking available near our business location.

Your vehicle can also be left at a Park & Ride if that's more convenient. We can meet you at the same Park & Ride to deliver and/or pick-up the rental vehicle. Click here to open a new window that lists King County's Park & Ride locations.


Q: What if I go over my rental period?

A: We're a small business so we're more forgiving than larger corporations. We understand things don't always go as planned. However, we may have additional renters lined up and our trailer is a bit difficult to park in down-town Seattle while we wait to pick-up your rental vehicle. Once a scheduled appointment is made we'll allow a 30-minute grace period. After that charges may apply. The best policy is, if you're going to be late from your scheduled pick-up time or rental period is to give us a call. We'll try and work with you to provide the customer satisfaction you deserve and expect.


Q: What's the weather like?

A: The weather in the greater Seattle, Washington area is very mild all year round and considered to be quite pleasant during the summer time. It's normally not too hot and not too cold. During the winter months it rarely snows, but there are a lot of misty days. The best weather occurs from late April to early September. Motorcycle riders here though ride all year round. Although it rarely rains in the summer, rain gear is needed during the wetter parts of the year to stay dry.


Q: What if it rains/snows on the day of my rental?

A: It rarely snows in the greater Seattle, Wa area. If it does snow in the area on the day of your rental, please give us a call and we'll work with you on a resolution. We understand most super-cars and motorcycles don't go well in the snow.

Rain however does happen quite frequently in the colder months. It's normally a misty rain and not sudden downpours. Rain gear is suggested in these months as exceptions will not be made to our cancellation, refund, and rescheduling policy.


Q: My flight has been delayed can I cancel or change my rental reservation?

A: We don't allow cancellations outside our policy, however we understand you're at the mercy of the airline. In the event of a cancellation or delay please notify us immediately and we'll try to work something out. If you're in the air and encounter a delay, we'll be monitoring your flight information (if provided) to ensure we're able to deliver the rental vehicle when you arrive. No need to worry.


Q: I really need to cancel my rental reservation because of XYZ circumstances, can you make an exception out side your policy?

A: Unfortunately, no. When you make a vehicle rental reservation it means we reserved the vehicle just for you on that day. Any other potential customers who inquired about a rental on your reserved day we've had to turn away. If we make an exception to our policy we'd go out of business.


Q: I'm renting a vehicle X, can I change to vehicle Y?

A: Generally no. However exceptions may be granted. For example if you're renting a motorcycle and it rains on the day of your rental, we will allow you to change to a car rental if one is available.

We may also allow you to upgrade your rental. Meaning, if you rent bike X for $100 and now want to rent bike Y for $150 we will allow it if bike Y is available. Your form of payment will be charged the difference for the upgrade upon delivery.


Q: Do you offer group discounts?

A: Yes, discounts are available for groups. Please reach out to us about your specific situation and we'll try and accommodate you if we can.


Q: I'd like a discount because I'm special, can you give me one?

A: We currently price our bikes as low as we can. We give discounts for longer rentals because our costs go down. It's hard for us to justify giving additional discounts beyond that.

However, we have started looking into creating a Rental Club to provide lower costs to frequent customers. If you're interested in this program sign up for more information and we'll let you know when it goes live.


Q: Do you rent by the hour?

A: All rentals are charged for a minimum of 24-hours. Rentals however can be booked for less than 24-hours. For example the delivery and return of the bike can be scheduled for a 6 hour period (delivery scheduled at noon and pick-up at 6 PM), but the renter will still be charged for a full 24-hours.


Q: Why are motorcycle rentals so much more expensive than a economy car?

A: There's a number of reasons why this is. In a nut shell motorcycles are considered higher risk than cars, there are less riders than there are 4-wheel drivers, and rentals are generally for pleasure instead of travel. We'd love to rent for less, but can't if we want to stay in business.


Q: How are your vehicles priced? I've seen 1,000cc bikes for less than 600s.

A: We price based upon a variety of factors such as maintenance costs, costs of parts, year of the bike, MSRP, etc. For example changing the oil in a Ducati costs about $200; while we can change the oil in a Yamaha for about $50. We have to factor that into our costs.


Q: What happens if I can't touch the ground when on the motorcycle I rented?

A: You can check to see if you fit on a bike here using cycle-ergo.com.


Q: Why am I being billed for damage when I have insurance?

A: Normally the type of damage resulting to a vehicle is minimal and can be quickly repaired. Insurance claims can take time and we want to minimize the amount of time a rental vehicle is off the road. We'll bill you for any damages incurred first and then settle up with insurance later.


Q: What will my security deposit be used for?

A: Hopefully nothing. The deposit is used in case the vehicle is damaged, additional miles are driven, etc. In the event of a major accident the deposit will not be enough to cover the deductible and you will be billed the difference.

Your deposit will be refunded in 24-hours after the vehicle has been returned. The refund of your deposit may take several days to show up depending on your method of payment. We reserve the right to bill you based upon our policies for any damage, tolls, etc. occurred during the rental period.

We will notify the renter anytime your security deposit is used as payment.


Q: What is the tax rate

A: Washington state's tax rate is 6.5%. Redmond has a 3.5% tax rate. The total tax rate is 10%.


Q: Are there any additional fees you tax on after my rental?

A. No. The price you see on the vehicle rental page is the price we charge. We do not add on environmental fees, fuel surcharge fees, or anything else that will increase your rental cost provided you stay within the terms of our polices. The only thing you can expect to be added on is tax and unfortunately we can't do anything about that.


Q: What do I do if I don't know my helmet size.

A: No problem. When you book your rental there is an option for that. If you select that option for you and/or your passenger we'll bring a helmet of each size out with your rental to make sure you get one that fits.


Q: Are your motorcycle helmets clean?

A: We sanitize and clean each helmet after it has been used by a renter. We do encourage renters to bring their own helmet to maximize comfort.


Q: Are your vehicles clean?

A: We detail each vehicle after a rental. We do this to ensure the next renter receives a clean vehicle. However, conditions outside our control may "dirty" the exterior of a vehicle during delivery (weather). If we can prevent or mitigate this we will.


Q: I'm not familiar with the vehicle. Will someone show me how everything works?

A: We'll do our best to familiarize you with the rental vehicle. On the vehicle detail pages we provide video and instruction manuals when available that outline the important features of the rental vehicle. We'll also ask if you have any questions when dropping off the vehicle and will be more than happy to explain how everything works.


Q: Do you accommodate special requests?

A: Of course. Please ask and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Q: What's reasonable wear and tear on the rental vehicle?

A: Things that you would normally encounter when using a vehicle. We're not that picky when it comes to this. However, if the vehicle looks like it was dropped, taken through a sand storm, etc. we both should be able to agree that's not reasonable.


Q: Do you care if I burn off the tires?

A: Yes, we care. A motorcycle rear tire costs about $200 in total. If we allowed customers to burn off the tires during each rental we would loose money.


Q: How will I recognize the employee dropping-off/picking-up my rental?

A: The vehicle they drive will have Envy Exotics markings on it. They will also wear an Envy Exotics shirt and carry a clipboard with your rental paperwork on it. Last you'll receive a phone call from our main number, (253) 234-7932, letting you know we're there to pick-up/drop-off the rental vehicle.


Q: What if the vehicle breaks down?

A: We run through a check-list before each rental. The check-list goes over things like oil level, brakes, tire wear, etc.We do this to prevent issues with our rentals, but maintenance issues still happen occasional. In the event a problem arises, pull off to the side of the road, give us a call, and we'll do our best to make things right.


Q: When do you plan on offering track days?

A: We've looked into renting out a track for a day and selling event tickets for it, but we can't make the numbers work just yet. Once we're able to we'll let you know.


Q: I'd really like to track the vehicle is there any exception?

A: Insurance is the main issue here. They will not cover you if you wreck the vehicle. The second issue is wear & tear. If you want to track the vehicle and can provide your own insurance give us a call. We'll try and work with you on the issue, but expect higher pricing.


Q: When are you getting more vehicles?

A: We're working on it. We're a small business still and have limited capital. Each year we're adding a couple vehicles and will continue to do so as we grow. Our main focus right now is motorcycles. Motorcycles have proven to be extremely popular with our customers.


Q: When are you going to open a storefront we can come visit?

A: We're working on it. Right now we need a few more bikes to justify getting a storefront. Once we've built up our fleet to a sufficient size we'll open a retail location where you can come check out our rentals and hang out playing Gran Turismo, Forza, or watching reruns of Top Gear. Until then we're an internet rental business that does vehicle delivery.


Q: What's the $2,500 insurance deductible for?

A: Most insurance polices have a deductible. The deductible is the maximum amount you would have to pay if you're involved in an accident.
Example 1 - You're involved in an accident. The damage to the other vehicle is $5,000. The damage to the rental motorcycle is $10,000. Insurance will pay the other driver $5,000 for repairs and pay us $7,500 for the damage on the rental motorcycle. The remaining $2,500 the customer is responsible for.
Example 2 - You drop your rental motorcycle while riding around. Damage to the bike totals to $1,500. You'll be responsible for paying us $1,500 to fix the motorcycle. Insurance will not cover any damage because it's below the $2,500 deductible.


Q: How can I pay the deductible in the event I drop the bike or am involved in an accident?

A: We reserve the right to bill the card you have on file immediately for the damage, up to a maximum amount of $2,500. However, if you're unable to pay this right away, want to use a different card, etc., please let us know immediately. We're willing to work with you on this, but we do want to get our bike or a replacement bike back on the road ASAP since we normally have rentals lined up. Regardless of what you choose, you'll be responsible for the damage as outlines in the rental contract. We are willing to pursue legal action if you try skip out on paying (sorry to be blunt, but some people try and do this. It hurts us and ultimately the customer as a small business).


Q: Do you rent cars?

A: No. We only rent motorcycles. In the future we hope to rent cars, but currently our focus is on bikes.