2012 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special

Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special shown with available luggage

Rental Information

1 Day Rental:           $190
2 Day Rental:           $315
7 Day Rental:           $965
Monthly Rental:       Check Pricing
Miles per Day:          150 free
Additional Mileage:  $0.50 per mile
Refundable Deposit: $500

Available Add-ons

GoPro:                                             $25
Tank bag:                                         $10
Rear luggage rack bag (small/large): $10/$15
Passenger helmet:                             $10
Leather jacket:                                  $15
Leather gloves:                                  $7
Discover Pass:                                   $5
Unlimited miles:                               $20

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Harley-Davidson. The name Harley Davidson is symbolic with motorcycling. Harley's have defined the cursing segment for years. The classic riding position with their unmistakable deep throaty sound bring back memories of the golden-days of motorcycling. Just getting on a Harley makes you feel as if you step out of a Sons of Anarchy episode and are the baddest guy or gal in town.

The Harley Night Rod is no exception to this rule. With it's liquid-cooled engine, ABS Brembo brakes, self-canceling turn signals, slipper clutch, and high revving engine it feels modern. It feels like it may have strayed from the classic Harley image, but a push of the keyless start and that exhaust cackle tells you it's still a Harley-Davidson at heart.

Styling of the bike is also notably Harley-Davidson. The blacked out engine gives the Harley Night Rod a sinister look. The riding position was updated in 2012 and it was a welcomed improvement. The Night Rod Special has a laid back position with forward foot controls. It feels similar to sitting on a sofa with your feet on the coffee table. We know what you're thinking and yep it's that good.

Twisting the throttle on this Harley will alight a grin of excitement from it's rider as the exhaust quickly starts to bellow. It sounds more like a muscle car than a motorcycle. Perhaps you are the baddest rider on the road.

If big power and classic Harley design is your thing check out the Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special. Optional tank and rear bags that still allow for a passenger make the Night Rod great for a weekend trip around the Pacific Northwest. Give us a call or click the button at the top to reserve this Harley today for your next adventure.


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