Possibly the Best Craigslist Ad Ever

Craigslist is filled with all kinds of weird and odd things individuals are trying to sell. Sometimes you'll find bargains, Nigerian Princes who want to give you free money, and other times junk. This ad, for a 2001 Dodge Viper, is good for a laugh, but not much else. $30K for a 01 Viper with a rebuilt title isn't really a bargain after all. Take a look at the context from the ad below or go to the posting if it's still up. You'll enjoy it.



2001 Dodge Viper For Sale $30k

Okay. Full disclosure. I almost killed myself in it.
It is VERY powerful. Extremely, EXTREMELY fast.
I've driven Ferrari's that don't feel as crazy as this thing. I am frankly afraid of it now.
That's right. It's in my garage and I'm afraid to drive it because it's like a crazy steroid bull that wants to kill me.
I've done 130 mph on a Ducati while laughing into the face of death. The viper is a completely different bowl of crack. The engine sounds like 40 pit bulls eating kittens while lifting weights.
I cannot truly explain it's power. It has whiplash acceleration in 3rd gear at 60mph. That sentence doesn't even make sense. But it's true.
That's why I'm telling you. I will not have your soul on my conscience.
You need to know what you are getting into. What insane level of crazy you are buying.
Can you resist the urge to mash down the accelerator? Can you? CAN YOU?!
Because it's like owning your own demon. A demon that only wants to kill you. We all know one person that for the right amount of money would kill you. But since no one is paying, they smile in your face and go about their day.
It's like that, except the Viper doesn't bother to ever pretend it doesn't want to kill you.
And it will do it for free.

Some brilliant engineer designed a beautiful sexy bulging body, fantastic suspension, great handling, aerodynamics, and all American style. While he was out on his lunch break, some demented maniac dropped 100 times more engine power than necessary into it and sent it out the door. It's mentally and psychologically unbalanced. It is a Decepticon.

If you are the type of person that can be talked into having one more drink at midnight when you have a very important presentation or interview early the next morning, then the Viper is not for you.

The whole car is constantly whispering sweet lies to you.
"You got this".
"Open me up and ride free, you got this"
"What are you a wussy?"
"Just do it", "Do it", "you got this".

Do not do it. You don't got it. Turns out you ARE in fact a wussy. Because you don't want to die.
You will sit on the curb and settle your heart after it tries to kill you the first time.
You will get back inside and it will immediately get back to the business of trying to get you to let it murder you. You will park it and it will start its siren call again, tempting you to get into this murder machine.
"You got this. This time you know. That last time was just a fluke. You ain't no wussy".

Repeat after me.

I suggest you go hug your wife, forget you ever read this, and go and buy a nice comfy safe Toyota Corolla. Live to be a hundred. Or you can do all the stuff on your bucket list and THEN buy a Viper.

But if you insist, for $30k you can look the devil in the eye and take this ride.

You were warned. May God have mercy on your soul.

The Viper RT/10 Roadster has a 6-speed transmission! 11400 Super low miles!
2D - Transmission: 6-Spd Manual - Engine: V10, 8.0 Liter - Mileage: 11400 - ExtColor: Black - IntColor: Cognac - Features: Air Conditioning,Power Steering,Power Windows,Tilt Wheel,AM/FM Stereo,CD (Single Disc),ABS (4-Wheel),Leather,Premium Wheels.