One rental day is equal to 24-hours. Rentals going beyond their allowed time frame may be charged for an extra day.


Rental Reservations and Scheduling

Since we are an internet based company all rental reservations are done via our website, email, or phone. Rentals can be scheduled at anytime and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

During normal business hours we will try and respond to a rental request within the hour. Rental requests made outside normal business hours will receive a response no later than the following business day.

For same day rentals please call us for a quick response. If we don't answer, leave us a voice mail. We're probably on the phone with another customer or out making a delivery. We'll call you back as soon as possible.



30% Deposit for Reservation

All rental reservations require a 30% deposit to reserve the vehicle. This ensures the vehicle is set aside for your rental day and doesn't get rented by another customer.


Renter Requirements

Vehicles are available for rent to drivers 21 years of age and older with a valid driver’s license. Motorcycle renters must have a valid motorcycle endorsement on their license. International renters must posses a valid passport and driver's license from their home county.

Renters must have a clean driving record (no DUI convictions, major moving violations, or similar infraction). Envy Exotics, LLC. reserves the right to request a renter's driving history or run a Motor Vehicle Record with a rental reservation.

Renters must be present to sign for the rental vehicle and be able to present a valid driver’s license. Failure to present a valid driver's license or be present for the delivery of the rental vehicle will result in the loss of the renter's security deposit and service refusal.

Additional renters may be added to the rental policy. Additional renters must adhere to the same requirements of the primary renter.



The first tank of gas is on us, meaning you can return the rental vehicle with a full, empty, or anything in between tank of gas.

In the event you do need to fill up, all of our vehicles require Premium grade gasoline (93+ octane) unless otherwise specified. There is a fee of 50% the total rental costs for filling up with a lesser grade.



All vehicle rentals come with specific amount of free miles per rental day, unless otherwise specified. Additional or unlimited miles are available for a fee. See a specific vehicle's detail page for additional mileage costs.



All rentals are equipped with a Washington Good To Go! pass.
Motorcycles are allowed $10 in tolls.
Tolls above the amount will be charged to the renter. If you pay cash for a toll, save your receipt and we will reimburse you.



All renters must carry insurance on the rental vehicle.

Any damage or other costs in the event of an accident not covered by an insurance policy will be the sole responsibility of the renter (the deductible for example).

Motorcycle rentals include our rental insurance and this is included in the rental cost. Motorcycle rental insurance is provided through a third party insurance agency. Motorcycle rental insurance coverage includes:

  • State Statutory Limits of Liability
  • $2,500 Deductible - Comprehensive
  • $2,500 Deductible - Collision
  • $500 in Medical Payments

In the event of an accident please seek medical attention first and then contact Envy Exotics for help.

It is still recommended to seek out supplementary insurance. If you have supplementary insurance or your personal motorcycle insurance will transfer to our motorcycles we will reduce the cost of your rental by $10 each day. You must inquire about this before the day of your rental.


Rental/Security Deposit

All vehicles will have a rental deposit on file in either the form of a credit card authorization or charge. Please see a specific vehicle detail page for the exact rental deposit amount required.

Credit cards may be charged for the amount of the deposit on the day of the rental. Any damage found on the vehicle that is not noted on the rental agreement will be deducted from the rental deposit after completion of the rental period. If no damage is found as a result of the rental the charge will be reversed when the vehicle is returned. The deposit will also be used to satisfy any excess tolls, tickets, mileage, etc. as laid out in our policies.

Damage found due to the rental in excess of the security deposit will be the responsibility of the renter. The renter will be notified and billed accordingly.

Please note the refund of your deposit may take several days to show up depending on your method of payment. Envy Exotics, LLC. reserves the right to bill the renter based upon our policies for any damage, excessive toll charges, etc. occurred during the rental period.


Vehicle Delivery and Return

We're a bit different here in comparison to most rental companies. Instead of driving to our location and picking up the vehicle and then returning it when you're done, we will deliver it and pick it up when the rental period is over. Since we're a small business we're willing to do this 24-hours, 7-days a week so there's no need to worry about our hours of operation. Here's how it works.

  1. Customer provides a delivery address and time when booking the rental vehicle. A pick-up address and time can also be provided, or the customer can pick a "I'll call when finished" option.
  2. On the day of the rental Envy Exotics, LLC. will deliver the vehicle in a 1 hour window from the time selected (we try and get there on or before the selected time, but Seattle traffic can sometimes cause long delays).
  3. Customer then enjoys the vehicle for a maximum 24 hours from the time of delivery, for each day of the rental agreement.
  4. When the customer is finished renting the vehicle an Envy Exotics' employee will pick up the vehicle at the designated address at the designated time. If the customer finishes with the rental before hand the customer sends a text, emails, or calls Envy Exotics, LLC. at (253) 234-7932 to pick-up the rental vehicle. An Envy Exotics' employee will reply to the renter and let them know we're en route.

Delivery and pick-up of the rental vehicle is free if you're within 25 miles of Envy Exotics, LLC's location. Anything over 25 miles will be charged $1.00 per mile on both the delivery and return process. The easiest way to check if you're within 25 miles is to put in Redmond, WA as a starting point in Google Maps and then the delivery/pick-up address to calculate the distance. That's what we do. Click the below button to open a link in a new window to calculate the distance. There is no additional fee to deliver to SEA-TAC airport.

Please keep in mind that we'll dispatch an Envy Exotics' employee to pick-up the vehicle when we hear from you if a pick-up time has not been scheduled. We may need a bit more time to get to your pick-up location as a result.

If you have any questions about how this works, please reach out to Envy Exotics via a contact us or call us at (253) 234-7932 and we'll do our best to explain.



Envy Exotics, LLC. accepts the following forms of payment: Discover card, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

We currently have available Stripe and Square payment systems for processing your rental.
Click here to learn more about Stripe in a new window.
Click here to learn more about Square in a new window

We may authorize your form of payment immediately on the day the rental vehicle is reserved up to the full cost of the rental. To reserve your rental vehicle a payment of 30% the total cost of the rental is required. The remainder of the rental cost will be due on the first day of your rental reservation.



Any tickets, violations, and/or other monetary penalties issued while the vehicle is being rented are the sole responsibility of the renter. Envy Exotics, LLC. reserves the right to charge the renter’s form of payment for any tickets, violations, and/or monetary penalties received after the vehicle has been rented and are a result of the vehicle being rented by said renter.


Prohibited Uses

Vehicles may not be used:

  • In any illegal or criminal activity
  • For any illegal purpose as defined by law
  • On a racetrack, drag strip, rally, or similar type of event where the limits of the vehicle are being pushed (this is due to insurance and additional wear on the vehicle)
  • Intentionally destroyed or damaged (burnouts or excessive use of launch control for example)

Tricks on motorcycle rentals, such as but not limited to wheelies, stoppies, and other stunts are prohibited.

In the event our rental vehicle is used in a prohibited activity, we reserve the right to terminate the rental agreement and retrieve the vehicle. The renter will be held liable for any damages.


Mechanical Issues

Envy Exotics, LLC. strives to have our rental fleet in tip top mechanical condition, however unforeseen circumstances do occur. In the event your rental vehicle experiences mechanical issues Envy Exotics, LLC. will make every effort to repair or replacement your rental vehicle with one of equal or higher value at no additional charge.


Refunds, Cancellations, and Rescheduling

Cancellations and rescheduling can be made at no cost within a 48-hour period after your vehicle rental has been booked, unless the rental is within 7 day. After the 48-hour period the deposit of 30% becomes non-refundable. Rescheduling the rental does not restart this policy.

No-shows on the day of the rental will be charged 100% of the total rental costs. We will try and reach you via your contact method before we consider you a no-show.

In the event of a flight delay or cancellation that is no fault of the renter we will work with you to reschedule the rental.

In the event of snow in the greater Seattle area on the day of your rental, please contact us. We understand motorcycles don't go well in the white stuff and are willing to work with you on a solution. We do not make exceptions if snow is encountered in the mountainous areas of the Pacific Northwest (some mountains have year round snow-caps after all).

Envy Exotics, LLC. does not offer refunds for vehicle rentals.


Motorcycle Rentals - Helmets, Gear, etc.

Washington law and Envy Exotics, LLC. requires all motorcycle riders and passengers to wear a motorcycle helmet. Envy Exotics will not be at fault for any renter or rider failing to adhere to this policy.

All motorcycle rentals will be provided with one DOT approved full-face motorcycle helmet. Please inform us of your size when reserving a motorcycle rental. We encourage riders to bring their own for improved comfort and fit.

A passenger helmet can also be added for a fee.


Addition gear, such as a riding suit, gloves, GoPro, motorcycle luggage, etc. that is available is listed on the rental vehicle information page.


Each motorcycle rental will come equipped with a free rental of a theft-deterrent device (ie. disc lock) to prevent motorcycle theft.